I qualified as a sports and remedial massage therapist around 4 years ago now, and trust me, since then it has been quite a journey. At the time I was working for a transport company, as a driver, and one day my Achilles tendon decided to break. It wasn’t painful as it completely ruptured but it was quite inconvenient (a driver that can’t drive is not very useful…..). At the time I thought it was the end of the world, little I knew it was the beginning of a new life. Mike and Stu (my bosses at the time) very kindly, offered me a job in the office, so I could carry on working.

After a string of mistakes ended up with a cast on my leg for about 15 weeks (shouldn’t have had it for more than 5). And after a year of rehab, had to had an operation to mend it cos it didn’t heal properly. During the first year of rehab, I was treated by a physio that used massage to relax the calf muscles in order to release the tension in the tendon. Every time she did it, the pain would go away almost instantly, and there and then I decided that that was what I wanted to do, make people feel like I was feeling after each session, and make a difference in people’s lives.

And that is why I do what I do, obviously after I qualified as a Sports and Remedial massage therapist got very interested in human movement and started deepening my knowledge with Pilates. Anatomy, movement, human body, they are all subjects that we would need many live times in order to master them but I will try my best to further my knowledge on this one, so I can improve people’s movement and maybe make them feel as good as I use to feel after each session with my physio.