Sports massage should be an important part of the runner training regime, not only to help injuries but most importantly to prevent them.

Sports massage keep the muscle tissues in good form (length and tone) therefore preventing

injury and keeping mobility.

It promotes the blood flow(through the pressure of the strokes)

The blood is the vehicle for the oxygen and nutrients to get to the muscle and also takes the waste away from the muscle in its way back to the heart.

A good blood flow will keep the muscles well fed and waste free.

Has stretching effects.

The muscle fibres work longitudinally (lengthways) with massage we can also work the fibres sideways releasing any accumulated tension.

Breaks down scar tissue.

Through the mechanics and pressure of the sports massage, scar tissue can be broken down and send away from the muscle, making the tissue more supple and flexible and in some cases pain-free, recovering normal function.

Relaxes the muscles.

All this effects on the muscles makes a sports massage the perfect ally for your running.

The techniques used will depend on your needs and they can vary from light strokes to flush waste away, straight after a big event like a marathon to muscle energy techniques used to reset muscles and help them to recover length.